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Eastrand Maids Cleaning Services. Providing exceptional cleaning results in Gauteng Every Day!

Eastrand maids services specializes in house cleaning; office cleaning; move in and move out cleaning; full time maids’ placements and carpet cleaning.

Why us 

We may not be the first cleaning company in Gauteng, but we are superior and not expensive. You will find Eastrand maid cleaning services’ prices reasonable, our work and our service extraordinary.

Expert cleaning services

Based on years of experience, we know that cleaning helps to protect your property. As the industry superior, we’re committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services. In fact, we boast a premier host of services that out-perform the competition, brought to you from cleaning industry experts. Our professional cleaning services provide the care and maintenance necessary to keep healthier environment.


What we offer

We customize our services to meet your needs and maintain your image.

We offer weekly, fortnightly or once-off cleans at affordable rates. Plus, we include things like ironing and appliance cleaning for the same flat-fee.

We do our utmost to ensure a first class service. All our cleaners are fully qualified and reference checked.

What we offer

Eastrand maids cleaning services specialises in regular cleaning services for Offices of all sizes, schools and day care centers, surgeries, Shopping centers and other commercial cleaning services.

We provide comprehensive scopes of work with every quotation, which include scheduled daily, weekly and monthly tasks. All sites are monitored by our site supervisors who undertake scheduled inspections to ensure all standards and outcomes are always met.

What we offer

We provide a variety of carpet solutions such as carpet steam cleaning, carpet shampooing and dry cleaning. Eastrand maids cleaning services employs highly trained carpet cleaners.

Other Services

We also offer Full time maids placements and spring cleaning


Our fees

Full time placement
10% of the annual salary paid by employer once-off
Grace period of 3 months to replace maid if not satisfied after that any replacement attracts new 10% fee

Spring cleaning
R1200 With a team of 4 people for a 2 bed flat
R2250 for a 4 bedroom house

Once off
R250 a day
R300 Sunday or Public holiday

Office Cleaning
280 a day
250 a day if offered Monday to Friday services

Carpet cleaning
R350 a room


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